The Rites of the Munay Ki

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Just as I sit to write this piece about the Munay Ki, I hear a replay of the  announcement on TV advertising a programme with Stephen Hawking in which he discusses the need to search for a new planet. I am incredulous. And I want to shout “what about this world ...our world - Planet Earth?”

This raises a huge question for me . . . Why are we considering finding somewhere else to live rather than healing, repairing and protecting our Earth? We live on a beautiful planet, ideally situated within the universe that provides us with everything we need to survive . . . air, water, warmth, the right conditions for growing our food ...and so on. And, as far as I am aware, there has not been a discovery of another planet that would sustain us in the way that Mother Earth does.

Added to this, I am left wondering what Professor Hawking’s message gives out to the world. He is a hugely respected and clever man who continues to defy all the odds in the way he is surviving his life limiting illness.

  • Is he suggesting that we've trashed this planet, let’s go and find another one? And reap havoc there?

  • Doesn't it sound better to use the amazing technology that we are capable of to repair the one that we’re living on just now?

  • And learn from our mistakes that we don't mess up again?

It is very easy to see that our planet is struggling just now.

Signs such as the melting polar ice cap, global warming, rising sea levels, extensive flooding, out of control fires and extremes of weather, such as the recent Hurricane Irma that has created huge areas of devastation across the Caribbean all suggest an ecosystem that has become destabilised and out of balance.

Whether we would (or wouldn’t) want to admit to this, it is a fact that, as human beings, we have all contributed to how the world is now. And my writing here is not to aport blame . . . but to offer solutions as to how we can be the change that we wish to see in the world, and this is where I would like to introduce the Munay Ki and how important it is at this time.

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So, part of my work is as a Shamanic Practitioner and I belong to the lineage of Medicine Men and Women of the Q’ero tradition, that extends way back through time. These people were the last of the Incas and they escaped from the tyranny of the Conquistadores when they arrived in Peru over 500 years ago. The Q’ero took their medicine high into the mountains and preserved their sacred teachings for a time when they prophesied that there would be a huge “turning” in the world. This time they called the Patchakutti and would be when harmony and order would be restored to a world that had become chaotic and disordered.

The Q’ero continued to live in solitude, high in the Andes from this time until around 50 years ago, when they recognised that it was time for them to return the world was in need of their medicine.

It must have been a beautiful spectacle as they made their descent from the mountains during the Feast of the Collor R’iti (The Feast of the Return of the Pleiades). This was a gathering of around 70,000 pilgrims and medicine people at the base of one of the Scared Mountains in Peru. The Q’ero wore their bright ponchos which were emblazoned with the Royal Emblem of the Sun, identifying them as the last descendants of the Inca. The crowds recognised these visitors and the crowds parted to allow them through, welcoming the Q’ero with the message “We have been waiting for you for 500 years”

Since then, the Q’ero have released their teachings to the West through their collaboration with Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and medical anthropologist who lived and trained with them for many years. He has been pivotal in bringing their rituals and prophesy to the awareness of the modern world, and it is through Alberto’s work that we are now able to share the Rites of the Munay Ki.

The word “Munay” means Love, while “Ki” means power.

These Rites are transmissions that bring us back to a place of balance ... a place from where we can see and speak from our hearts - rather than from our minds, taking responsibility for ourselves along with stewardship for our world and for all of creation.

These 9 Rites also prepare our luminous energy field for the time to come. This time ...after the tumultuous changes that are happening within our world, when it is prophesied, that a new human will emerge, one who is known as Homo Luminous. These Rites are the codes of this new human, changing our DNA, which allows us to age differently, heal differently and die differently.

So, as such, we have the opportunity to be informed by our “future selves”... those we are becoming ... and to dream and create our new world into being ... rather than living the one that has been handed down to us. It creates the potential of creating a world we would wish to hand down to our children and our children’s children.

These prophecies themselves are optimistic ... they do not speak of the ending of the world, but more that there will be an ending of time as we know it now, that our current thinking will change so that we are taken to a place where we are at “one” with each other, nature and the Mother Earth.

NOW IS THE TIME, and actually ....