This page shares information regarding my general Complementary Therapy Practice ... and these are the beautiful therapies that I work with. 

They are suitable for everyone ... from birth to the frail and elderly ... and all stages in between!

If you need help in finding that place of balance in your life ...whether it is on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, then please get in touch...

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Bowen Fascial Release Technique

Bowen Therapy originates from Australia, where it was created by Tom Bowen. He had studied many healing modalities and, it is said, that he created this technique from what he considered the best of all the other therapies.

21st century science is proving that an intelligent, non-intrusive approach without  adjustment or manipulation is  key to the self-healing ability of the body…..and this is Bowen!

It uses a gentle rolling action over specific areas of soft tissue, which sends a profound signal to the brain. Between sets of moves, the body is allowed to rest which allows for the absorption of the information it has received and for it to initiate the changes that are needed to allow balance and healing to occur.

  • Bowen is suitable for everyone ….from babies to the frail and elderly.
  • It is administered through light clothing and with the client lying, sitting or even standing.
  • There is no manipulation or adjustment and it is very different to massage.
  • The experience of Bowen is gentle, subtle and relaxing ….making it a unique therapy.
  • Bowen has been shown that it may help with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions as well as musculo - skeletal injuries or problems.
  • Many clients with busy and demanding life styles use Bowen as a means of stress management and general health maintenance .
  • Although Bowen might be an ideal choice for those seeking a therapy for pain or reduced mobility….it has the potential to help with so much more. Conditions such as MS, ME, Hay Fever, Asthma, Eczema, IBS, Stress ….and the list could go on,  have all been found to respond positively to Bowen.
  • Bowen has been reported to affect a number of incidental factors :
    • Improved quality of sleep
    • Mood elevation
    • Ability to focus and concentrate
    • General relaxation  


Shamanic Healing

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I follow an ancient tradition of medicine men and women that stretches back through time. It is of the Inca tradition …of the Q’ero Shaman in Peru, one that is beautiful at it’s essence, and works to bring everything into balance or Aynii.  It has been a privilege to learn their work and study their ways.

As a student of the Spirit of the Inca, I have learned and developed many skills within this form of energy medicine….but it is perhaps my own healing journey that has been most remarkable. The training takes place as a journey around a Medicine Wheel, a Hero’s journey ….one of personal healing, from a wounded place  to one of wholeness ….as well as learning the Shaman’s healing tools.  I continue to journey around the Medicine Wheel, as it allows for a deeper connection with my work ….and with myself.

As a Shaman, I work within the client’s luminous energy field which is where the source of the original wounding is held ….as an imprint ….one that manifests as mental, emotional or physical conditions.  Erasing the imprint of the original wounding at an energetic level, and over writing it with light allows healing to occur on all levels. 

So,  using a range of powerful skills and techniques, my work as a Shaman can:

  • Clear heavy energies stuck in your energy field creating the opportunity for new patterns to be formed and allowing you to step into a healed state (rather than repeating the patterns of the “old story” or the old way of being).
  • Track and extract energies or entities from past wounds (emotional and physical), past lives or present trauma.
  • Journey to retrieve hidden soul parts, gifts and power animals …and assist in their integration … allowing you to step into wholeness
  • Disengage that fight or flight system that sometimes remains “locked on” which can create a burned out/stressed feeling.

My wish is to provide teaching sessions and workshops to share the gifts of this Shamanic Tradition that I have gained. These include :

Khuya Limpia … here we use stones to cleanse the luminous energy field, removing heavy energy.  Despachos … these are sacred prayers or intentions that are blown into specially chosen articles and can be done as an individual or as a group. They can be done to show gratitude or to mark a rite of passage (eg moving house, new family member, or to celebrate somebody’s passing). Once the prayer bundle is formed, it is offered at a ceremonial fire.  Ceremonial Fire … Fire is held to celebrate the full moon and the new moon. It is a simple ceremony that honours the seasons and cycles and the elements of life …earth, water, air and fire.


 Emotional Freedom Technique

We are energetic beings and energy flows around our bodies. If it flows freely, then we feel wellness but if the flow is disrupted, the energy becomes stagnant and can lead to emotional dis-ease. If this is not resolved, then physical symptoms may develop….leading to physical dis-ease.

EFT is a talk and tapping therapy that was devised by Gary Craig in the 1990s. It was based upon Thought Field Therapy (TFT), a concept founded by Dr Roger Callaghan which uses specific tapping points for specific issues. However, EFT uses a “one stop shop protocol”, tapping on the same points for all problems.

So, in EFT we tap on some of the meridian points in the body, similar to those that are  used in acupuncture. This helps to clear the blocked or stagnant energy, allowing the free flow and wellness to return. 

Conditions that might respond to working with EFT:

  • Fears and Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Addictions
  • Acute and chronic physical pain
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and painful memories
  • Lacking in self confidence


Reiki is a Japanese word. “Rei” meaning “Universal Wisdom” and “Ki” meaning “Life Energy”. 

The Reiki training is passed down the lineage of Masters and can be traced back to Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926) who originated our current Reiki system. As part of our training, a Reiki student receives attainments from their Master Teacher which allows them to act as a channel for the universal energy that is all around us. 

As a Reiki practitioner, we place our hands on, or just above, various parts of the clients body, becoming a conduit for this energy, which is transferred to the clients body…..restoring and rebalancing the life force….. allowing healing to take place.

The body has 7 main chakras which are vortices of energy. In wellness, they spin freely and emit vibrant colours …..whilst in cases of illness, the chakras become dull having become stagnated with slow, heavy energy.

Reiki aims to rebalance these energy centres, enabling them to spin once again which results in the free flow of energy around the body.



Energy Medicine Workshops 

The Rites Of The Munay Ki

Munay Ki means “love and power” and are the transmission of a series of 9 Rites that transform our lives through preparing our luminous energy fields for the changes and shifts that are occurring within our world.

These Rites originate from the Medicine Men and Women of Peru, and have been held safe and sacred high in the Andean Mountains since the time of the Conquistadors arrival and conquest of Peru around 500 years ago. During this time, the teachings have been passed down through the generations … but in recent years they have been made available to us in the West. This was because the Shaman recognised that the planet is undergoing major shifts and that by creating the opportunity to spread these teachings and Rites, we can bring much needed balance, not only to ourselves, but also to our World. 

 Munay Ki Means “Love And Power”. 

As we receive these Rites, we are gifted the potential to bring love and power into a place of balance …which is  filled with love rather than fear, a place that   empowers us rather than incapacitates us … so that we are available to life itself. From here, we can affect our World in a way that serves us all as well as all living things who share our planet with us.

There Are Nine Rites Of The Munay Ki 

These are briefly:

1. The Healer’s Rite awakens the healer within you as well as the healing power of your hands.

2. The Bands of Power and Protection…allows you to walk fearlessly in the world.

3. The Harmony Rites… the seeds of 7 archetypes are transmitted into each of your 7 main chakras.

4. The Seer’s Rite awakens the seer within so that you can see into the seemingly invisible world of energy and spirit. 

5. The Daykeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of the Day Keepers, those who created the great stone altars, built to bring harmony to Mother Earth. This Rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

6. The Wisdomkeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of Wisdom Keepers, luminous beings from the past and the future so that you can begin to feel the experience of infinity. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine.

7. The Earthkeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of archangels - the guardians of our galaxy  so that you can accept stewardship for all life on Earth.

8. The Starkeeper’s Riteanchors us in the time to come. This reinforms our cellular DNA so that our bodies begin to  evolve into Homo Luminous so that we live and age differently.

9. The God Creator Riteawakens the Creator light within us … bringing stewardship for all of creation. From this place we can envision a world that we want our children and our children’s children to inherit. 


Exploring The Energy Medicine Of The Q'ero Shaman

This is a series of experiential workshops that are run to explore the foundations of the Medicine Wheel training for the lineage of the Q'ero Shaman and how they sit within our modern world. Within the workshops we explore the healing tools of the Shaman, opening sacred space, the 8th chakra and the Wirracoccha, we learn the technique of stone reading, Khuya Lympia ( a beautiful deep cleanser for your energy field), how to create a Despacho (a prayer for the world), journeying techniques and ceremonial fires.


Usui And Holy Fire Reiki 

As a Reiki Master, I am delighted to offering Reiki level 1 and 2 training where you can learn about energy medicine and how you can use it to enhance your life, either through treating family, friends and pets or as a first step into becoming a practitioner and sharing your gifts with clients.