Pregnancy may only last 9 months (or so) but it signals a huge life change for all involved, in particular, for this developing baby … who is our future. In essence, this child will inherit our world.  

We are fortunate to live in a time where we can access incredible medical technology ... the progress of which continues to evolve all the time. Yet, I feel women can get a bit lost within the "system" ... one where pregnancy becomes a timeline of appointments, scans, blood tests etc where the focus is always on the birth ...rather than relishing  in the moment - right now ... whatever that might be. And as such, there has been a sacrifice to that deep connection, to the  innate wisdom that, I believe,  all women hold … a deep knowing place, that links with  all the childbearing women back through the millennia. 

So, if we can embrace pregnancy as a heart-centred  journey … one which sees it as a time of physical, emotional and spiritual growth, then we stand to  benefit from the very best that modern medicine offers along with the intuition of the ancient feminine.

My book, "Wise & With Child" is written for those women who want to experience their pregnancy as an empowering and transformational journey see how including alternative techniques might enhance their experience ... to learn about new things about themselves, including  intuitive and 'being in the present' techniques ... learning to speak from their hearts so that their words are authentic. 

It is a fact, that women who are well supported during  pregnancy, and into the time of birth, are more likely to have a positive outcome on both a physical and emotional level ... which has to be a good thing for the new mum and the baby doesn't it?  And this is where the Doulas are so brilliant. They are women who support our mums to be, before, during and after the birth ... just as in times long ago, where women within the community would come and help prepare a woman as she made that journey into motherhood.

But of course, having the support of a Doula costs ...sometimes more than many people can afford. Yet there are many supporters of pregnant women ... maybe their partners, mothers, sisters, best friends ...those who care and  want to make a difference - but don't know how best to do this. Well, "Wise & With Child" is the book for them. It is a guide, offering knowledge, techniques and tips on how they can best support these women and  really make a difference the mums, to the babies and to themselves too!


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"Wise &

With Child"

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