This page offers information about the services that I offer to pregnant women as well as  those who support them on their exciting and life changing journey into Motherhood.


'Wise & With Child' Sessions

Wise & With Child sessions are free to attend and are held on a monthly basis at various locations across Norfolk and into Cambridgeshire.

In our time together, we will create a safe, quiet space, from where you can develop that deep sense of connection for your unborn baby … from a place of stillness and love through a range of guided visualisations.

We will explore different techniques to help you manage any anxieties that you might have … as well as practicing different breathing meditations - so that when the time comes to have your baby, you will be fully able to focus on your breath - which is so vital during this time … for you and your baby.

We will look at how to create the type of birth that you want for your little one. This  includes a birth plan - but one with a difference! And we’ll consider how you might like to prepare your body for this time … as well preparing you … a new Mum.

I also believe that these sessions offer the opportunity for women to come together, to sit in circle and to build a community ... a sisterhood …where we hold space for one another, supporting and honouring the journey that each one is making as they step into Motherhood.

I welcome any first time Mums-to-be from about 12 weeks gestation … but  I ask that you book your place via the Calendar of Events page. 

I would be so delighted to share my skills and knowledge with you … making a difference to your pregnancy wellbeing and your preparation for motherhood.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch via my Contact Me page … or by emailing me at:



'Wise & With Child' Online Programme


This is an opportunity for you to join an online community of Mums-to-be which is  run and managed by Annie Barber … a Pregnancy Wellbeing Coach who brings all her knowledge and experience from her work as a  Midwife along with her passion to make a difference.  It benefits women across the country (or world) to join as the constraints of location, time zones, work or family  commitments are removed the sessions are always available for catch up viewing.

This group offers you the opportunity to really prepare for your life as a new Mum by starting in this moment … this includes :

  • addressing any anxieties that you might have …

  • learning valuable skills that enable you to source yourself from within …

  • exploring the amazingness of your body and the beautiful little one that you are creating …

  • learning new techniques to connect with your unborn baby …

  • preparing for the birth so that you know what you want and the best ways of achieving this …

  • getting an idea of what you actually need to purchase - rather than what the advertisers would like you to believe …

  • preparing your body for the birth and the time after …

  • being part of a growing group of Mums-to-be who want something different…

  • gaining an idea of what services and resources are available … and having the confidence to make your own choices and decisions …

  • being able to access the knowledge of an experience Midwife and Therapist …at a time to suit you! …

  • My book, “Wise & With Child” is another resource that supports pregnancy in a holistic and natural way.

…And so much more!


So … this works within a private group on Facebook where I will offer information, breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations, questions and answers … not to bombard you but to offer you the opportunity of taking what you need from the group at a time and place to suit you.

If, for example, you have a query about something ( say, placenta praevia) then I will answer your query through a discussion or a video and share it with the group … in a way that everyone can understand …BUT, always,  without disclosing any personal details.

All members of the group must agree before joining, that if they have any anxieties about their own or the baby’s  wellbeing or safety …they MUST contact their own Midwife or Doctor responsible for their care.

The cost of the membership to Wise & With Child Online is currently available at a discounted rate of £60.00 irrespective of when you join (which can be from 12 weeks gestation) … so this is a massive saving of 40% and is less than the cost of a coffee each week during pregnancy.

If you would like more information or to join, then please contact me via the Contact Me Page or just email me at :




Wise & With Child … One to One Programme


This is the ultimate pregnancy support programme that I offer.

We work on a one to one basis with the sole aim of supporting you through all the ups and downs that you might experience during pregnancy … which include the physical discomforts, the emotional struggles, fears and anxieties … so that when you arrive at the birthing day, you are able to step into motherhood as a confident, knowledgable and empowered woman.

As a former Midwife who now works as a Complementary Therapist specialising in the care of Pregnant Women, I have many tools to support you through your pregnancy journey.

SO it works like this:

  • During your pregnancy, you will have free access to me via email to ask questions about issues that might have come up for you or, perhaps, because you don’t understand something about the care you are receiving. This is to enhance your knowledge and wisdom during this time but there has to be an agreement that you will observe the following:

This is not to replace the care you are receiving from your Midwife, GP or Obstetric team and if you are ever concerned about your own wellbeing or that of your baby, then you MUST get in contact with someone who will be able to see you.

  • We will connect every two weeks via Skype (or similar) which gives us the opportunity to work on “stuff” that might have come up for you using some of the healing medicine tools that I use within my complementary therapy practice. As many of these are, what is called, energy medicine they work even if we’re not in the same room together… which may sound a bit ‘woo woo’ - but it works! And it gives us the most amazing potential to work to heal those issues, patterns and thoughts that hold you back and that the greatest benefit is that as you heal … the baby benefits too.

  • We will work together using visualisation and meditation techniques to really connect with your unborn baby … developing your relationship and creating that heart centred bond.

  • We will look at what you need to buy for your newborn … as opposed to what the advertisers say that you need to buy!

  • We will work together to create a birth plan and then how you can support what you want … using alternative techniques.

  • You have the option of attending my Wise & With Child ‘Preparing for the Birth’ Couples Workshop at a 50% discounted fee.

  • A free downloaded copy of my book “Wise & With Child Wisdom Techniques to Support a Modern Woman’s Transformational Journey Through Pregnancy”

The cost of this package is a one off payment of £999 

You are welcome to join at anytime during your pregnancy … but the sooner you join, the greater the benefits will be …not only to yourself but to your unborn baby too !

If this calls to you then please get in touch either by my contact page or by email :

I will then make arrangements for us to speak on the phone … to discuss the programme and to establish whether we feel that we can work together. This, I feel, is essential.



'Wise & With Child' … Preparing for the Birth Couples Workshop 


This is a fully packed one day interactive workshop for our Mums-to-be and their partner (or birthing partner) and you would be very welcome to attend anytime from around 32 weeks gestation.

The birthing day is on the horizon, looming fast, and has been the focus throughout your pregnancy … this is the day that you will meet your little one. And, probably, it will be a day like nothing you have experienced before …so how can you best prepare for something you know nothing about? 

Well, this is where attending this workshop can help.

This is a day that is spent preparing you for your “big” day … equipping you with knowledge and understanding about the physical changes that are happening to your body (along with what your baby might be experiencing) along with tried and tested coping strategies … so that you are able to remain calm and focussed - which is better for you as well as for the baby.

Research has shown that women who are well supported during labour tend to have more positive outcomes … in terms of the birth itself as well as her wellbeing in the days and weeks afterwards. And, of course this impacts on the baby’s wellbeing too. 

So … the role of the birthing partner is vital. This day seeks to share information as well as tips and techniques, so that the partner is able to be involved and make a difference for the Mum-to-be.

We aim to cover the following during our time together : 

  • Understanding the physical aspects of labour … how it might start and what is actually happening during the different stages.

  • Practising different positions for the birth … getting the partners involved here in supporting the woman, so that they are skilled before the “big day”.

  • Looking at massage techniques … how these might help during labour and when what was pleasurable … might become painful.

  • Exploring and practising different breathing techniques … and establishing which works best for you so that you are able to remain calm and focussed.

  • Looking at what is available to help you manage the pain that is associated with birthing. This includes techniques to help you tap into your endorphins … your own inbuilt and natural pain relief system.

  • Using meditation and journeying techniques to deepen your connection with your unborn baby.

  • Preparing a Birthplan that is based on knowledge and understanding of what might be possible.

  • Gaining an insight of when things don’t quite go to plan … and how to see the positive aspects of this.

  • Honouring the changes that are going to happen … going from a couple to a family and what that might mean for you.

So it’s a full on day!

Currently, there is a day planned for October 7th 2018 which is based at the Horningsea Pavilion (CB25 9JG) … less than a mile from the A14 on the outskirts of Cambridge and runs from 10.00 - 17.00.

Please bring a packed lunch … drinks and snacks will be provided.

Investment for this day is £75.00 per couple … booking is available through my Calendar of Events Page.

If you have any queries then please get in touch via :




'Wise & With Woman' ... a programme for those who support our Mums-to-be


This is a programme  of learning and self development that is shared online. It is primarily designed for those who are supporting a pregnant woman during her time of transition into motherhood ...maybe her mother or sister or best friend - those who want to be a valuable support during this time. 

So ... it is a learning of what is actually happening on a physical level the baby grows and what changes are occurring within the woman body too. Using tools and techniques to ease some of the physical difficulties that a woman might be experiencing at this time. What to expect and ways to support a woman during the birthing along with ways to create a calm and welcoming environment for the baby to be born into. 

There are meditations, breathing techniques, journeying and visualisations to experience along with self help tools so that you come to this place of supporting the woman in an authentic and holistic way,  having been able to deal with your own fears - which may have come from personal experience or from being shared from other peoples experience.

It is a fact that a woman who is well supported during the birth tends to have a better experience and outcome...which has got to be a good thing hasn't it? As a former midwife, I still hold the  passion for creating a safe space for expectant mothers and by sharing this work with you, we can make a difference together for new mums and their precious babies.