“Wise & With Child”

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a journey . . . (even if we don’t like the “journey” word!) and it may only last 9 months (or so) but it signals a huge life changing event for all those involved.

In the West, we are so fortunate to be able to access incredible medical technology . . . the progress of which continues to evolve all the time. Yet, I wonder, if pregnancy and birth have become so medicalised that it can actually only be considered a normal physiological event in retrospect.

This became so evident to me when I visited the remote landscape of Peru some years ago . . .

“. . . here, I was being shown an alternative way of mothering which was totally “normal” to these women who had  limited access to doctors or midwives. This was their ‘normal’ and, as a Midwife in the UK, it really struck me how far our  “normal pregnancy” was from this  innate, ‘trusting in our own bodies type’  of motherhood that I was being shown here. In this remote landscape, there was a true sense that this amazing and transformational time during a woman’s life was really honoured  by the other women  within the community. There was a coming together of women to create a bond, a deep connection of love, support and wisdom, through which this new human life  was embraced in a heart centred and sacred manner. So simple, yet profoundly beautiful”

From “Wise & With Child”

So here’s a question : Why can’t our Mums-to-be have access to both?

. . . the facilities, knowledge and skills that are available within the healthcare system . . . whilst also developing a deep connection to her own innate strength and wisdom - one that links her to all the childbearing women back through time. 

My book, "Wise & With Child" is written for those spiritually curious women who want to fully experience their pregnancy as the empowering and transformational journey that is possible.

Firstly it offers the medical knowledge that sits behind the schedule of the antenatal care offered to all women in an easy to understand manner. This creates a really good grounding of information that seeks to empower our Mum-to-be so that she can ask questions of her care -givers without feeling disadvantaged in any way.

Secondly, it explores alternative thinking which will enhance her own personal experience as well as create an opportunity to improve her own wellbeing (and that of her family). Here we look at ways of developing intuitive skills, meditation and journeying techniques, breathing exercises as well as deepening her connection with the natural world.

In addition, it is a fact, that women who are well supported during  pregnancy, and into the time of birth, are more likely to have a positive outcome on both a physical and emotional level . . . which has to be a good thing for the new mum and the baby right?  And this is where hiring a Doula creates such a wonderful benefit to the whole family. Historically, doulas were women who would come and support a Mum-to-be as she made her transition into motherhood. And today, they are still found giving care, support and encouragement at births up and down the country . . . which is such a great thing.

But of course, hiring the services of a Doula costs . . . sometimes more than many people can afford.

Yet, there are many supporters of pregnant women . . .  maybe their partners, mothers, sisters, best friends . . . those who care and want to make a difference - but don't know how best to do this.

Well, "Wise & With Child" is the book for them too . It offers a practical guide and the opportunity for some learning and self development as well as, most importantly, the skills and confidence to really make a difference to our Mums-to-be and their precious babies too!


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And here it is!

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