Free From Fear -  birthing your strengths & your baby . . . IN your own unique way!


You’re so excited to be pregnant (Congratulations by the way!) and you can’t wait for that amazing moment when you meet your baby for the first time.

Alongside all the physical changes, you sense there is something much greater happening, deep within your very essence. It’s an amazing feeling … like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and you’re totally unsure how to describe it. So, you don’t share these feelings with those close to you, unsure of what they might think or say.

But, you have anxieties too . . .

You know you have to ‘birth’ your baby so you can hold it in your arms - but you’re unsure how best to prepare for this time. Your healthcare providers offer classes that share training for the ‘big day’, yet these aren’t usually accessible until later on in pregnancy. This frustrates you, as you’re keen to get prepared sooner than this - so now you’re seeking information on-line - but are finding there’s so much that it totally overwhelms you.

You understand that labour is painful because, of course, people love to share their own experiences -  both the good and the bad. Secretly, you’re really fearful of what this pain might be like and wonder how, on earth, you’ll endure it. Yet, you’ve learned that any pain relief offered will, not only, have an effect on your baby but might also increase the chances of having an assisted birth.

And you know this is not the birth that you want . . .



Just, for a moment, take a breath . . . and imagine yourself welcoming your baby in your own unique way . . .



You’ve wondered at the awesomeness of your body’s ability to, not only, grow but to birth your baby too. You feel strong, empowered and ready for this amazing time.

You’ve taken all the opportunities to establish a deeper connection with your deep, inner wisdom so that now you’re  prepared to welcome your little one in your own unique way.

You’ve embraced that sense of ‘knowing’ that’s growing deep within you and, now, you want to immerse yourself further in this ‘new’ (yet ancient) form of nourishment and support.

You’ve faced your fears regarding the pain and realised that the fear was never yours in the first place.

You have discovered amazing insights into your own physical and emotional strength and you are fully prepared for this day, knowing that each pain will bring you a little nearer to holding your baby in your arms.

You’ve taken the opportunity to learn simple, self-help techniques and have noticed how you’ve brought a sense of calmness and presence to your life. In these moments, you notice a deepening of the connection and bond with your little one as well as a bursting of love within your heart.

So, just suppose for a moment, how it might feel if you were able to overcome your anxieties to find your stillness from where you could plan the perfect birth for you and your little one? 

You see, I work with spiritually aware Mums-to-be to create the intuitive, natural pregnancy and birth they desire.

They’re often afraid that an overstretched healthcare system will cause them to miss the magic of this time when all they want is to create the best start in life for their baby and for themselves as they become mothers.

I help them feel safe as they explore their options, develop, not only their knowledge but their self belief too, so that they can confidently ask their caregivers for the experience they want.


You’ll find yourself stepping beyond those anxieties and fears and coming to a place of inner peace and wisdom. It is here that we create your unique Birthplan that encompasses all that you wish for as your baby is born.


As a result of working with me, you’ll …


  • Have a greater understanding of the birthing process so that, not only, will you know what is possible for you, but it will give you the knowledge and confidence to ask for what you want.

  • Have created your own personal birth plan that gives you an understanding of what to expect each step along the way.

  • Have learned simple, yet extremely effective, self help techniques which will be available for you to access at any time enabling you to remain calm, grounded and focussed.

  • Have begun to deepen your connection and relationship with your baby that improves your bond from the moment your baby becomes ‘Earthside’.


 This package includes:


‘The First Stage’

 This questionnaire gives you the opportunity to share your vision and dreams for your baby’s birth as well as any anxieties or fears that might be getting in your way. It gives me essential information about your general wellbeing as well as any medical issues that might have popped up during your pregnancy. Combined, this gives us a great starting place for our session together . . .


‘The Second Stage’

This is our 90 minute, online session where we ‘dive’ into the self-limiting beliefs (some of which you may not even be aware of!) that you’re holding . . . which would prevent you from achieving the birth experience you desire. Using ancient energy medicine techniques, we’re able to unpick and remove these blocks. This creates space for new thoughts and beliefs to grow - which aren’t based on any previous fear based experiences. In this new, magical space, we’re able to create your own unique, heart-centred Birthplan, for the life-changing journey you and your baby will make, together, on the ‘big day’.


Pause and Reflect

This is your ‘homework’ which is fundamental to the success of the work we achieved together. This will be a daily practice of deepening your connection to the Birthplan as well as developing the practice of  journaling. This is a great tool which records your feelings and brings your awareness to any changes that occur following our work together.

‘The Third Stage’

So, two weeks after our session, we’ll have a 30 minute follow up which gives us the chance to explore what’s changed for you since our meeting. We’ll check in on your ‘homework’ and see how this is evolving … giving us the opportunity to explore what feels right for you now . . . and what feels less right. We then have the opportunity to make any appropriate changes that you feel are needed which sets you up - ready for the big day!

So, let’s start clearing those limiting beliefs and blocks . . . so we can begin to create what’s possible!


Investment: £80.00

It’s so exciting that you’re interested in working with me.

Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Make your payment here by clicking on the ‘Buy Now” button.

Step 2: Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me containing the introductory questionnaire and instructions for booking your session. (The questionnaire needs to be returned to me at least a week before you schedule our appointment together).

Step 3: Then we’ll hold your session that gets you started on creating the Birthplan of your dreams.

Any questions?

You know, it’s always good to ask questions.

So, if you have any, then please ‘ping’ them across via email to :

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